From nothing to something and back

I let go and enter the domain of no one. Heaven and Earth are one. The circle and square are equals. They separate as necessary without effort. First boundless stillness, then endless movement. It makes no sense to talk about form or formlessness. Substance or no substance – what’s the difference? Body, energy and mind – what… Continue reading From nothing to something and back

The 10 Tenets of Qigong

Tranquility Experiencing Nothingness Emptiness Rootedness Openness Oneness Compassion Harmony The Way The Essence of Qigong By Ke Yun Lun p. 53 – 63

In the midst of Chaos I find Peace

In the midst of chaos, I find peace. Not clinging to any thing, not obsessed by any thought. I seatle on a leaf, in mid air. Being calm for no reason whatsoever – happiness pervades all. I smile, leaving my self behind.

Caterpillars and Polliwogs

Caterpillars weave cocoons, polliwogs form from cells; eventually the cocoons break open to produce moths, the cells develop to produce frogs. What I realize as I observe this is the Tao of liberative transformation of the spiritual embryo. Those who cultivate reality assemble the five forces, join the hundred spirits, merge with the ultimate; one… Continue reading Caterpillars and Polliwogs

One heart

Can you polish your mysterious mirror And leave no blemish? Lao Tzu There is never been a single thing Then where is dust to cling? Huang Po Joining hands One heart. You and Me

Qiangzhuang Gong

Health Promotion Exercise Functions Reinforces intrinsic Qi and promotes good health and the ability to prevent and cure disease. Methods Natural respiration or reverse breathing techniques can be used in the practice of this exercise. 1. Natural Respiration. Sit cross-legged or take a standing posture. Gradually regulate your breath so that it is quiet, even,… Continue reading Qiangzhuang Gong

A journey towards liberation

Vipassana Documentary from India Personally I took a 10 day intensive Vipassana meditation course in Nepeal just after New Year 2012. 10-11 hours of meditation every day, keeping the buddhist precepts of a strictly vegetarian diet, refraining from sexual activity and keeping to silence and non communication. As many of the prisoners in the movie… Continue reading A journey towards liberation

Smiling keeps me always young

Tranquillity of mind makes me live long, Smiling keeps me always young. I am air, I am light, And I am water, With the breeze I dirft, Far and Wide. Reference: Prenatal Energy Mobilizing Qigong: China Taoist Ancient Qigong by Cheng Yan Feng ISBN 9787535907561