From nothing to something and back

I let go and enter the domain of no one. Heaven and Earth are one. The circle and square are equals. They separate as necessary without effort. First boundless stillness, then endless movement. It makes no sense to talk about form or formlessness. Substance or no substance – what’s the difference? Body, energy and mind – what… Continue reading From nothing to something and back

My river runs to thee

Blue Sea – Wilt welcome me? My River wait reply. Oh Sea – look graciously! I’ll fetch thee Brooks From spotted nooks –  Say Sea – take Me? Emily Dickinson (1830–86).

Everywhere leads the Way

everywhere leads the Way it is perfect impenetrable forever a thousand voices may rise but silence says it better open your eyes and close them up again listen intently then not at all you have nowhere to go and such is the real journey for all roads lead inevitably to your soul Yu Jinghai from… Continue reading Everywhere leads the Way

The understanding of mindfulness

It seems to me that “mindfulness” is often misunderstood. In my view it’s because of wishful thinking or simply “wrong view” to use a buddhist paraphrase. I guess you can argue about the definition of  “mindfulness”. And you can argue which is more or less accurate in and out the Buddhist context. The following is however not… Continue reading The understanding of mindfulness

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The world is really great!

The world is really great! There is room for the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, the Earth, its Mountains and Rivers, every Plant and Tree bad People and good People. All of this exists in space. The emptiness of our nature is also like this.   Inspired by Hui-Neng    

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The 10 Tenets of Qigong

Tranquility Experiencing Nothingness Emptiness Rootedness Openness Oneness Compassion Harmony The Way The Essence of Qigong By Ke Yun Lun p. 53 – 63

In the midst of Chaos I find Peace

In the midst of chaos, I find peace. Not clinging to any thing, not obsessed by any thought. I seatle on a leaf, in mid air. Being calm for no reason whatsoever – happiness pervades all. I smile, leaving my self behind.


Between birth and death, Three in ten are followers of life, Three in ten are followers of death, And men just passing from birth to death also number three in ten. Why is this so? Because they live their lives on the gross level. He who knows how to live can walk abroad Without fear… Continue reading Fifty