Caterpillars and Polliwogs

Caterpillars weave cocoons, polliwogs form from cells; eventually the cocoons break open to produce moths, the cells develop to produce frogs.

What I realize as I observe this is the Tao of liberative transformation of the spiritual embryo.

Those who cultivate reality assemble the five forces, join the hundred spirits, merge with the ultimate; one energy coalesces, whole and pure, not consciously cognized. Now the spiritual embryo has form, like when the caterpillar weaves its cocoon or the polliwog forms its cell.

Store the spirit and energy away in mystical darkness, and the bit of spiritual root will grow from faintness to clarity,
from softness to strength. When the process is complete, suddenly you will break through space to reveal the pure spiritual body, leaping beyond the worlds. This is like when the caterpillar, having transformed into a moth. Breaks out of its cocoon and flies away, or like when the polliwog becomes a frog and leaps. There is a body beyond the body, another world.

Therefore the aftermath of accomplishment of the Way is sometimes referred to as developing the power of flight, and sometimes called shedding the shell and becoming real. These expressions mean that you reproduce a real body inside your physical body. This real body is inherent in everyone, but people are fooled by the objects of their senses, deluded by illusory appearances, so they do not recognize the real body, even though it is right there.

Anyone who can recognize the real body and earnestly cultivate it can produce substance where there was none, produce form where there was none, undergo liberative transformation and become an immortal with an indestructible body.

Awakening to the Tao Liu I-Ming translated by Thomas Cleary p. 76-77

Realising our full potential

Realising our full pontential

Realising our full potential – Saturday 18th May – Day Course Retreat

To achieve true happiness, we must understand what is holding us back and learn to develop the mind to achieve its full potential. In this day course retreat we will look into our life purpose and learn practical methods to overcome obstacles and to achieve our deepest wishes. Kelsang Tubchen will teach and Kelsang Lobon will guide the meditations.

Please book in advance – Thank you!

The Clear Light Kadampa Buddhist Centre
St. Kongensgade 40H, st. tv.
København K

Details, price and booking:
Realising our full potential

NB! Guest teacher Kelsang Tubchen who is the principal teacher in Oslo will also be in Copenhagen on the 17th. of May for the evening event “Food for Thought” which includes a meditation and meal in a peaceful and open environment!

Qiangzhuang Gong

Health Promotion Exercise

Reinforces intrinsic Qi and promotes good health and the ability to prevent and cure disease.

Natural respiration or reverse breathing techniques can be used in the practice of this exercise.

1. Natural Respiration. Sit cross-legged or take a standing posture. Gradually regulate your breath so that it is quiet, even, fine, and slow. Concentrate the mind on the Dantian.

2. Reverse Breathing. Sit cross-legged or stand using reverse breathing while concentrating the mind on the Dantian. Pull in the abdomen and contract the anus during inspiration to pull Qi into the Dantian. Expand the abdomen during expiration to allow Qi to move throughout the entire body.

Health Promotion Exercise improves health and treats hypertension, neurosis, coronary heart disease, and arthritis.

Points for Attention
This exercise can be practiced 1–4 times a day, 10–60 minutes each time. Fine, even, deep, and long respiration can only be achieved through long-term practice and should not be pursued forcefully or by suppressing breath. Stop exercising before you get tired.

Reference: Qigong for Treating Common Ailments: The Essential Guide to Self Healing by Xu Xiangcai


Water drizzling down a mountain side

Water drizzling down the mountain wall

glittering in the sun
mist rising to the top

birds and green
everywhere life is seen

drifting in the clouds
standing like a giant

reaching to center of the earth
stretching up towards the heavens

unmoved yet alive
standing here

how am I different?

A journey towards liberation

Vipassana Documentary from India

Personally I took a 10 day intensive Vipassana meditation course in Nepeal just after New Year 2012. 10-11 hours of meditation every day, keeping the buddhist precepts of a strictly vegetarian diet, refraining from sexual activity and keeping to silence and non communication. As many of the prisoners in the movie “Doing Time, Doing Vipassana” I had no real prior experience with meditation.

The first 2-3 days was a refined form of physical and mental torture as my body and mind constantly rebelled against the rigorous training. After the first day and second day I felt like screaming and running away. Actually it was only by the kind and loving intervention of one the foreign volunteers at Dharmashringa that I managed to overcome my desperation. I remember thinking I would have preferred going to a Nepalese jail instead.

As the days went on my struggling body and mind started to settle by themselves. I began a profound journey towards my self – a journey that trancends language! First everyday problems and worries started to wane, then old stuff started to emerge and go from the depths of my mind together with injuries and bad habits of my body. Then something happened. I adjusted to the situation.

Not all was perfect or even good – but somehow even the most troublesome moments was okay! An immense presence slowly manifested it self.

For me it was a life altering experience. To this day I am not sure that I would do it again. But I will recommend this journey towards liberation to all!

I am still struggling in this very moment: Innica Innica – maintaining equanimity!

Nepal Vipassana Center Dharmashringa
Vipassana i Norden Dhamma Sobhana Vipassana Shop

The Vipasana Meditation Technique

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Doing Time, Doing Vipassana 2/4
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana 3/4
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana 4/4

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