Qiangzhuang Gong

Health Promotion Exercise

Reinforces intrinsic Qi and promotes good health and the ability to prevent and cure disease.

Natural respiration or reverse breathing techniques can be used in the practice of this exercise.

1. Natural Respiration. Sit cross-legged or take a standing posture. Gradually regulate your breath so that it is quiet, even, fine, and slow. Concentrate the mind on the Dantian.

2. Reverse Breathing. Sit cross-legged or stand using reverse breathing while concentrating the mind on the Dantian. Pull in the abdomen and contract the anus during inspiration to pull Qi into the Dantian. Expand the abdomen during expiration to allow Qi to move throughout the entire body.

Health Promotion Exercise improves health and treats hypertension, neurosis, coronary heart disease, and arthritis.

Points for Attention
This exercise can be practiced 1–4 times a day, 10–60 minutes each time. Fine, even, deep, and long respiration can only be achieved through long-term practice and should not be pursued forcefully or by suppressing breath. Stop exercising before you get tired.

Reference: Qigong for Treating Common Ailments: The Essential Guide to Self Healing by Xu Xiangcai


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