DocDyhrs Energy Shake

2 spoons of Soy Protein
1 spoon of Hemp Protein
1-2 Banans
2 spoons of Tyme Honny
1 spoon of Sesame seeds
1 spoon of Linseeds
1 teaspoon of pure Cocoa
1 spoon Rosehip powder
1 spoon of Bee Pollen
Special ingreedients
1 teaspoon of Fo-Ti Tieng powder (
1/4 teaspoon of Amazing powder (
1 teaspoon of Green Intensity Power (
Blend with milk or soy / rice milk.
Drink the shake half an hour before or after serious physical exercise to get the all the benefits.

By thomas

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Master of Law from University of Copenhagen. A free and loving spirit roaming the world in joy and peace. The way is compassion and harmony.

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