DocDyhrs Energy Shake

2 spoons of Soy Protein 1 spoon of Hemp Protein 1-2 Banans 2 spoons of Tyme Honny 1 spoon of Sesame seeds 1 spoon of Linseeds 1 teaspoon of pure Cocoa 1 spoon Rosehip powder 1 spoon of Bee Pollen Special ingreedients 1 teaspoon of Fo-Ti Tieng powder ( 1/4 teaspoon of Amazing powder (… Continue reading DocDyhrs Energy Shake

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Viet Man Dish

The saying goes that young boys from Korea would prefer their tender beef in stead of their mom! The Viet Man Dish: Marinaded tender beef with peanut sauce together with red onions, spinach with pine nuts and bruun rice with peas. Prepare the peanut butter dip: 1 cup of fried finely chopped (no salt) peanuts… Continue reading Viet Man Dish

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Goya the miraculous Bitter Gourd

Somebody once recommended Gohyah or Goya Tea for my common cold. And miraculously it worked! I have been testing this Bitter Gourd, or Bitter Melon as it is often called, on myself and friends. The plant is known throughout Asia for its excellent qualities in cooking, health and sickness prevention (lung disorders, cancer and diabetes etc.). The… Continue reading Goya the miraculous Bitter Gourd

The Kollath Breakfast

Our planet shelters 700,000 different species of living things, but only the animals we have domesticated and ourselves feed on cooked foods. Natural food should be raw, but unfortunately our stomach and intestines are normally unable to deal with-especially in cereal form; because we are not like the grain-eating birds that predigest food. Professor Werner… Continue reading The Kollath Breakfast

Juicy Pineapples at a price!

Supermarket price wars, toxic waste and tropical fruit. A Guardian Films production for Consumers International, this investigative documentary exposes the unacceptable social and environmental conditions endured by pineapple-grower communities in Costa Rica… and why leading supermarkets in Europe must share the blame. Reference:

Dr. Wongs Secret of Immortality

Sauce for rice, vegetables and/or fish. Prepare a mix of two or three tablespoons of miso with enough water to give it a smooth, even consistency. Squeeze in one or two lemons. Grate a bit of fresh ginger, and add two tablespoons of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Mix it all together. Use this sauce… Continue reading Dr. Wongs Secret of Immortality

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Alcoholic Poisoning

A few recipes from the straight forward, very practical and ingenious food branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to cure hangovers from drinking to much alcohol. a. 15 g tea infused in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink a large cupful. b. Put 15 g of withe sugar in 30 ml vinegar. Dilute with hot… Continue reading Alcoholic Poisoning