From nothing to something and back

I let go and enter the domain of no one. Heaven and Earth are one. The circle and square are equals. They separate as necessary without effort. First boundless stillness, then endless movement. It makes no sense to talk about form or formlessness. Substance or no substance – what’s the difference? Body, energy and mind – what… Continue reading From nothing to something and back

Meditation and Wisdom

Fellow students of the Way, be careful. Don’t think that meditation comes first and then gives rise to wisdom or that wisdom comes first and then gives rise to meditation or that meditation and wisdom is separate. The Platform Sutra by Hui-Neng translated by Red Pine

The great Way has no gate

The great Way has no gate; There are a thousand different roads. If you pass through this barrier once, You will walk independently in the Universe. The Gateless Gate: The Classic Book of Zen Koans by Yamada Koun

Meditation as a great Art

Krishnamurti saw meditation as a great art, “perhaps the greatest.” One must learn this art by practicing without technique—watching oneself: in daily activities (walking, eating), practices (speech, gossip), reactive emotions (hate, jealousy)—becoming aware of these things “without any choice.” Many forms of meditation have been invented to escape conflicts. These forms, according to Krishnamurti are… Continue reading Meditation as a great Art

The path of inner refinement is extremely simple and easy

Bai Yuzhan said, “The path of inner refinement is extremely simple and easy; just get the fire of the heart to descend into the elixir field. The elixir field is the chamber of water, while the heart is fire. When fire enters water, then water and fire mix and true yang is produced. Therefore people… Continue reading The path of inner refinement is extremely simple and easy

Qiangzhuang Gong

Health Promotion Exercise Functions Reinforces intrinsic Qi and promotes good health and the ability to prevent and cure disease. Methods Natural respiration or reverse breathing techniques can be used in the practice of this exercise. 1. Natural Respiration. Sit cross-legged or take a standing posture. Gradually regulate your breath so that it is quiet, even,… Continue reading Qiangzhuang Gong

A journey towards liberation

Vipassana Documentary from India Personally I took a 10 day intensive Vipassana meditation course in Nepeal just after New Year 2012. 10-11 hours of meditation every day, keeping the buddhist precepts of a strictly vegetarian diet, refraining from sexual activity and keeping to silence and non communication. As many of the prisoners in the movie… Continue reading A journey towards liberation