A benevolent and just ruler

A ruler exercising benevolence and justice will surely win the support and help of most people; if he fails to do so, the people will be absolved of all loyalty to him.


The Man in the Moon on the isle of Utøya

The man behind the massacre on the isle of Utøya and the 2011 July bombing in Oslo, Anders Behring Breivik alias “Andrew Berwick” posted his manifesto ”2083 – a European Declaration of Independence” to Pat Dollard for publication on his website.

Anders Behring Breivik is by his own admission a wright wing christian conservative, nationalist and liberalist. He is also known as a freemason of the St. John lodge St. Olaus TD Three pillars of the Norwegian Masonic Order in Norway. Anders Behring Breivik is a former party member and chairman of a local branch of the norwegian immigrant critical “Fremskrittspartiet (FrP)“. Anders Behring Breivik is against a multicultural globalisation of the world. Anders Behring Breivik is pro Israel and anti Islam.

Video And Full Text – “2083: A European Declaration Of Independence” by Norway Shooter Andrew Berwick patdollard.com

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Juicy Pineapples at a price!

Supermarket price wars, toxic waste and tropical fruit. A Guardian Films production for Consumers International, this investigative documentary exposes the unacceptable social and environmental conditions endured by pineapple-grower communities in Costa Rica… and why leading supermarkets in Europe must share the blame.

Reference: www.consumersinternational.org/pineapples

We No Longer Trust Google

Who is lurking in the darkness? Google is lurking the darkness as Gmonster if you ask me, friends of the Internet as well as quite a few grand organizations, legislators, government officials around the world dealing with privacy, security and data protection issues.

Recently Google has been caught with their cute innocent Googli map cars sucking the data right out private WiFi networks around the globe in big citys. Reluctantly Google has admitted to this infringement on peoples privacy and has come up with an apology to the citizens of the World Wide Web. Google did not tell the whole truth at first. Google softly claims it to be an error of some unknowing technician. Ha ha.. Is this a joke!?

This mishap might end up having devastating consequences for Google. And this is not the only report about dodgy Google behavior. Google is known to suppress and censor certain undesirable data. Google sniff search keywords not yet submitted in search fields. Google does things to your gmail account you do not even wanna hear about. It all adds up. On behalf of the people of the Internet:


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