So much for privacy..

Terror is the word to use when governments wants to diminish or lift the burden of freedom rights from the people. The privacy that each and every person is guaranteed by law and human rights is an illusion for fools.

Your windows software is bugged so big brother can tap into your computer when ever he wants to. All new labtop computers have electronic hardware key-loggers that circumvent your system and collects your every keystroke and sends it to your favorite intelligence agency via your ethernet card as soon as you connect to the Internet.

So much for privacy..

Government and computer manufacturers caught installing hard-wired keystroke loggers into all new laptop computers! 4. october 2005
Our internet secrets stored for decades Guardian 2. october 2005
Clarke tells MEPs to back EU anti-terror measures guardian 7. september 2005
Unlawful, unworkable, unnecessary Guardian 13. july 2005
Britain: a ‘surveillance society’ BBC 13. june 2005
How NSA access was built into Windows 4. september 1999

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