Do you know what the death rate around here is?

Answer: One per person.

Its a frightening world, I know. Even more so if one considers that the death penalty is on the rise all over.

Death is final and no human being deserves an untimely death. The mere possibility for sentencing an innocent man to death should be reason enough to abolish the cruel and medieval death penalty.

According to amnesty international China is by far the worst sinner in this sad field of human rights violation. With the outrageous number of 3.400 human lives taken China carry out more death penalties than all other countries combined. Iran is second with 159, followed by Vietnam with 64. The US is number 4 on the list with 59 executions in 2004.

The UK director of amnesty international, Kate Allen, calls the figures from China “genuinely frightening”.

How many innocent people was sentenced to death and executed in 2004? 1%, 2% or 3%? What is the margin of error in this field?

Would you still accept the death penalty if you where an innocent man sentenced to death?’

Death penalty ‘at record levels’ BBC 4. April 2005
Death Penalty: 3,797 executed in 2004 4. April 2005

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