The danish lesson of the war against Iraq?

The danish right wing government speaks with two tongues to the world in matters of war!

Denmark decided to go to war in the “coalition of the willing” spearheaded by the US and the UK in 2003. History shows they did it for all the wrong reasons. Intelligence was more than wrong, it was staged to the occasion by the US and UK.

The formal reason used by the government and foreign ministry advisors towards the parliament and the general public was the Iraqi lack of cooperation to disarm according to UN resolutions. The coalition forces went in to war without the backup by the UN Security Counsel. The majority where in favor of giving the weapons inspectors more time to finish their work.

History tells us that according to the rules of the UN treaty an armed attack against Iraq by the coalition forces could not be justified because Iraq where not an immediate threat to any member state of the UN or world peace in the period.

History tells us that Iraq did not have any substantial ties to the horrific 9/11 2001 terror attacks in the US. And importantly Iraq did not posses any of the proclaimed weapons of mass destruction. History shows that the US and UK long before events in the UN Security Council had plans to topple the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

All in all a plot there had and has no legal basis in the UN treaty or international law.

What are the lessons learned by Denmark?

The danish government officially strongly supports the UN system, but at the same time the government still wants to reserve the right to “Just War” outside UN and international law.

Reference: Liberals: No UN mandate needed for war JP 19. maj 2005

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