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A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney

Here you will find insights to the emergence of the global surveillance state!

William E. Binney was a highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) for more than 30 years.

In this feature interview William Binney blows the whistle on NSA’s blatant wrong doings and disregard of US laws, the US constitution and international law. NSA apparently consistently lies to US congress about its doings. Absurdly NSA has their own secret interpretation of US data protection laws. NSA is according to William Binney in the process of building an empire based on curruption and secrecy.

People forget about history. Freedom is an enemy of a totalitarian state. Surveillance of everbody is a prime feature of a totalitarian state. It is the PR of totalitarian state that surveillance of everybody is for the public good, but in fact is about control of the general public. People living in East Germany under the Stasi regime remembers the surveillance state. According to William Binney they know because they are now living in a post-fascist state, but importantly they are talking about the US as a pre-fascist state.

Facts: NSA haven’t stopped a single terror attack on US soil with their collection of data. NSA have tap points on more or less all internet connections world wide. NSA capture daily meta and content data on hundred of millions of people in the US and Globally without any prof or indication of malice or wrong doings! Basicly no digital device, network or OS is secure now.

If you blow the whistle on NSA, they will come after you with everything the have. And this includes framing people wrongly if needed!

Nothing could be more wrong than the naive world view: “I have nothing to hide, so I have nothing to fear!”

The idea of the surveillance state is grotesque and goes against the very foundation of a democracy. People everywhere should be informed and they should be marching in the streets to protest this. This is about the future of freedom!

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Sirens of the Lambs

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Hounding of Snowden must stop

Amnesty International meets US whistleblower Edward Snowden

Right of asylum

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I support a free Internet

I support freedom of speech.

I support the right of privacy.

I support a free Internet.

Supoort Electronic Frontier Foundation in its effort to make the US Government and the like aware of the digital rights of the people in this world!

And do join the Internet Defense League with the rest of us and defend the free internet!

Share this 4th. of July message with others!

Reference: The NSA Files

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We No Longer Trust Google

Who is lurking in the darkness? Google is lurking the darkness as Gmonster if you ask me, friends of the Internet as well as quite a few grand organizations, legislators, government officials around the world dealing with privacy, security and data protection issues.

Recently Google has been caught with their cute innocent Googli map cars sucking the data right out private WiFi networks around the globe in big citys. Reluctantly Google has admitted to this infringement on peoples privacy and has come up with an apology to the citizens of the World Wide Web. Google did not tell the whole truth at first. Google softly claims it to be an error of some unknowing technician. Ha ha.. Is this a joke!?

This mishap might end up having devastating consequences for Google. And this is not the only report about dodgy Google behavior. Google is known to suppress and censor certain undesirable data. Google sniff search keywords not yet submitted in search fields. Google does things to your gmail account you do not even wanna hear about. It all adds up. On behalf of the people of the Internet:


Google: Eric Schmidt hints at China ambitions

Google Data Admission Angers European Officials 15. May 2010
WiFi data collection: an update 14. May 2010
Data collected by Google cars 27. April 2010

Background (just a few):
Countries ask Google to drop “launch now, fix later” policy
Google Rethinks Privacy, Scales Back Data Collection

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The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

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The danish lesson of the war against Iraq?

The danish right wing government speaks with two tongues to the world in matters of war!

Denmark decided to go to war in the “coalition of the willing” spearheaded by the US and the UK in 2003. History shows they did it for all the wrong reasons. Intelligence was more than wrong, it was staged to the occasion by the US and UK.

The formal reason used by the government and foreign ministry advisors towards the parliament and the general public was the Iraqi lack of cooperation to disarm according to UN resolutions. The coalition forces went in to war without the backup by the UN Security Counsel. The majority where in favor of giving the weapons inspectors more time to finish their work.

History tells us that according to the rules of the UN treaty an armed attack against Iraq by the coalition forces could not be justified because Iraq where not an immediate threat to any member state of the UN or world peace in the period.

History tells us that Iraq did not have any substantial ties to the horrific 9/11 2001 terror attacks in the US. And importantly Iraq did not posses any of the proclaimed weapons of mass destruction. History shows that the US and UK long before events in the UN Security Council had plans to topple the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

All in all a plot there had and has no legal basis in the UN treaty or international law.

What are the lessons learned by Denmark?

The danish government officially strongly supports the UN system, but at the same time the government still wants to reserve the right to “Just War” outside UN and international law.

Reference: Liberals: No UN mandate needed for war JP 19. maj 2005

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Just War in Iraq 2003

In November 2003 I received the Master of Law degree from University of Copenhagen. My final dissertation “Just War in Iraq 2003” was in International Law .

The plan was to make “Just War in Iraq 2003” into a living wiki document, but that never happen for several reasons.

Thank you for the overwhelming interests in downloading “Just War in Iraq 2003“. More than an amazing 50.000 copies has been downloaded over the Internet. You can still download it in pdf format from: (now point to the bellow link!)

You are welcome to contact me at