Qiangzhuang Gong

Health Promotion Exercise Functions Reinforces intrinsic Qi and promotes good health and the ability to prevent and cure disease. Methods Natural respiration or reverse breathing techniques can be used in the practice of this exercise. 1. Natural Respiration. Sit cross-legged or take a standing posture. Gradually regulate your breath so that it is quiet, even,… Continue reading Qiangzhuang Gong

Smiling keeps me always young

Tranquillity of mind makes me live long, Smiling keeps me always young. I am air, I am light, And I am water, With the breeze I dirft, Far and Wide. Reference: Prenatal Energy Mobilizing Qigong: China Taoist Ancient Qigong by Cheng Yan Feng ISBN 9787535907561

Zhuang Zi’s eight kinds of methods for health cultivation

Zhuang Zi is one of the prominent philosophers in the era of the Warring States. He has done much study about man’s spirit, integrity, nature-cultivation, heart-cultivation and advocated the nature-cultivation of unselfishness, few desires, quietness and transcendence. Unselfishness. In the opinion of Zhuang Zi, selfishness is the origin of all evils and diseases. One is… Continue reading Zhuang Zi’s eight kinds of methods for health cultivation

The Tao is near and yet people seek it far away

Those whose vital spirit is scattered outwardly and whose intellectual ruminations ramble inwardly cannot govern their bodies. When what the spirit employs is distant, then what it loses is nearby. So know the world without going out the door, know the weather without looking out the window; the further out it goes, the less knowledge… Continue reading The Tao is near and yet people seek it far away

Medical Qigong Bibliography

Here is a short list of 10 good medical qigong books: “Chinese Qigong Outgoing-Qi Therapy” by Pengjun Zhong “Chinese Qigong Therapy” by Zhang Mingwu “Chinese Qigong” by Zhang Enqin “Chinese Medical Qigong” by Tianjun Liu and Xiao Mei Qiang 2013 “Practical Chinese Qigong for Home Health Care” by Ce Jin “Qigong Essentials for Health Promotion“ “Qigong for… Continue reading Medical Qigong Bibliography

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Guo Lin Qigong

Books: Traditional Chinese Fitness Exercises: Including Taijiquan and Qigong p. 109-111. Links: Guolin Qigong neigong.net

Substantiality and Insubstantiality

How can substantiality and insubstantiality be distinguished between left and right or between top and bottom parts of the body? The muscles, the skeleton and the nerves are parts of the body system. When practicing the movements, the use of consciousness to sink and relax the body is most important. The centre of gravity is… Continue reading Substantiality and Insubstantiality

Cobra Breathing Exercise

The cobra breath is a tantric breathing exercise. In essence, it is an energy-building breath. One uses breath to move kundalini energy up from the root chakra, at the base of the spine, to the crown chakra which lies at the crown of the head.The particular form cobra breath outlined below is used to expand… Continue reading Cobra Breathing Exercise

Yi Jin Jing

易筋經; Wade-Giles: I Chin Ching; literally “Muscle Tendon Change Classic” Litterature: Yi Jin Jing: Tendon – Muscle Strengthening Qigong Exercises (Chinese Health Qigong Associat) Foreign Language Press ISBN 9787119047782 Qigong, the Secret of Youth: Da Mo’s Muscle/tendon and Marrow/brain Washing Classics by Yang Jwing-Ming and Jwing-Ming Yang ISBN 1886969841 14-series Sinew-Transforming Exercises by Weizhen Chang… Continue reading Yi Jin Jing

Tao Yoga

Tao Yoga Kamakura – http://www.taoyoga.jp Tao Yoga or DaoYin exercises were an ancient precursor of Qigong, specifically the variety sometimes known as neigong, and were practised in Chinese Taoist monasteries for health and spiritual cultivation in ancient times.  In modern times DaoYin has often been refered to as — Taoist Yoga. DaoYin can be translated as… Continue reading Tao Yoga


“Qigong” (literally “breath exercise”), an invaluable component of traditional Chinese medicine, has its origin in ancient times. Its primarystimulus was the search for longevity with the ultimate aim of immortality,which has much entranced the Chinese mind from ancient times. Therecords shows the exercises to help the qi (the human body’s vital energy)circulating freely and to… Continue reading Qigong