The Wolf Grischuk leading the pack in Petrosian Memorial 2014

In this amazing fighting chess game in the third round of Petrosian Memorial GM Grischuk demolishes GM Morozevich. Alexander Grischuk, who is famed for his attacking chess, found a sharp variant of the Slav QGD for the game vs Morezevich. Both parties are walking on thin ice right out of the opening. Morezevich should have taken with the rook instead of the bishop in move 19. to equalize. On move 24. Morezevich was obliged to play Qf6 but he apparently fell through the thin ice with the wrong steep e5?! Grischuk missed a great opportunity to punish this weak move immediately when and he played 25.Bd2!? Morezevich would have drowned much faster with 25.Qh4! The last chance for Morozevich to hold on to an ice floe was 25..Rf8 but he missed it with 25..Rf6?! Then only ice cold water… 🙂

Sam Tam is coming to Copenhagen

Seminar with Grand Master Sam Tam in Copenhagen from the 16th. to the 18th. of May 2014

Torben Bremann and Ole Eskildsen visits Sam Tam in his home in Canada in 2006.

There is a wonderful and rare oppurtunity to meet a real Tai Chi (taiji) and Ichuan (Dachengquan or Yiquan) master that makes the promises and wonders of the Chinese martial arts Classics come true.

Sam_TamMaster Sam Tam is a “dashi” (大師), meaning “big teacher” or the teacher of teachers. As a mater of fact quite a few famous martial arts teachers from different schools all over the world has visited Master Sam Tam to learn or check his skill. As far as I know nobody left disappointed. According to the author Jan Diepersloot Master Sam Tam represents the pinnacle of Tai Chi achievement: “Sam Tam’s achievement, developed logically from his practice of standing meditation, represents the highest phase of martial arts mastery.”

Come and take a look for yourself! Everybody with a genuine interest the arts are welcome.

Master Sam Tam is not hiding behind words. And as far as I know you’re more than welcome to check his ability – at your own risk!

Seminar with Sam Tam in Copenhagen 2014

Gladsaxe Sportshal
Vandtårnsvej 55 – 57
2860 Søborg

Friday the 16th. of May to Sunday the 18th. of May 2014

Friday: 18 – 21
Standing meditation og sitting meditation

Saturday: 9.30. – 12.30.
Qi gong -5 animal qigong

Saturday: 14 – 17
Sam Tam’s Sword Form

Sunday: 9.30. – 12.30.
Form, push hands and Applications

Sunday: 14.00. – 17.00.

The total workshop cost is € 290 for the full weekend. The workshop is divided into blocks. One block € 95. For more than one block € 85 pr. block.

Payment Info / Bank
Danske Bank 4820
Kontonummer: 3332019171
IBAN: DK8530003332019171

Contact info etc.
Torben Bremann
Phone/Mobile: +45 44 91 97 98 / +45 40 20 77 75

Original english invitation (pdf) Danish Invitation

Reference: The Tao of Yiquan: The Method of Awareness in the Martial Arts (Warriors of Stillness: Meditative Traditions in the Chinese Martial Arts, Volume 2): The Method of Awareness in the Martial Arts v. 2 by Jan Diepersloot 1999

Masters of Perception – Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts by Jan Diepersloot 2014

Note: The last chapter in “The Tao of Yiquan” is devoted to Sam Tam. The new book “Masters of Perception” is entirely about the teachings of Master Sam Tam.

So Many Responsibilities

How many of us are swept away by what I have come to call an “active laziness”? Naturally there are different species of laziness: Eastern and Western. The Eastern style consists of hanging out all day in the sun, doing nothing, avoiding any kind of work or useful activity, drinking cups of tea and gossiping with friends.

Western laziness is quite different. It consists of cramming our lives with compulsive activity, so that there is no time left to confront the real issues.

If we look into our lives, we will see clearly how many unimportant tasks, so-called “responsibilities” accumulate to fill them up. One master compares them to “housekeeping in a dream.” We tell ourselves we want to spend time on the important things of life, but there never is any time.

Helpless, we watch our days fill up with telephone calls and petty projects, with so many responsibilities – or should we call them “irresponsibilities”?

Sogyal Rinpoche