Light, agile and connected

Once in motion, the entire body must be light (Qing) and agile (Ling), (it) especially should (be) threaded together.

Taijiquan Treatise by Zhang, San-Feng
Jwing-Ming, Dr. Yang, and Ymaa Publication Center. Tai Chi Secrets of the Ancient Masters. P. 1

The body’s movement is soft, relaxed, smooth, natural and comfortable.

Light and agile like movements of playing monkeys.

The body must act like a soft whip. Continuous motion like the stream of river or waves of the ocean. Threaded together like Chinese coins or pearls on a string. Mindfulness pervades the whole body. The strength is concealed within softness. Power is instantly available at the touch of a feather. The bow is drawn and ready. Like shouting a cannonball of fire. Like the tale of dragon.

The lightness is not an emptyness; it contains intrinsic energy. The agility is not superficial; it conseals a watchful awareness.

All the parts of the body must be connected like a string of pearls. This means that the movements must exhibit the incessant and continuos flow of a great river.


  1. Concentration of the mind.
  2. Complete relaxation of the body.
  3. Sinking of the chi to tan tien and abiding by it so that the breathing may be deep and slow.

(Tai Chi Chuan for Health and Self-Defense: Philosophy and Practice T. T Liang) p. 17-18

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