The emotion of information

It is generally recognised now that, although we have all these amazing decision-making strategies, people generally make decisions based on emotions.

What emotions also do is focus your attention. For example, if I was really angry with you, my attention would be focused on you. If I’m just curious about something, I would still have that level of attention but it would be much softer.

Emotions also regulate the flow of information. So, if I’m really angry with you, the information flows from me to you. If I’m curious about something you’re saying, the information flows from you to me.

Emotions also regulate the flow of energy. So, when you have a strong emotion, the energy is going out of you. That’s why anger is so draining. When I’m curious or interested, I’m sucking in the information. So, emotions have a huge amount to do with our thinking.

Reference: BrainMagic

By thomas

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Master of Law from University of Copenhagen. A free and loving spirit roaming the world in joy and peace. The way is compassion and harmony.

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