The Song of All the Chakras


What is sand?
Mountains and time
The ongoing meeting of
Matter and weather

Now, for the lapse of a moment
I am the king of the mountain
Standing ever so relatively still
On what’s left of forgotten giants

Enjoying the caressing warmth of the sun
Before we are washed to the sea


A big bang and a seed was planted
An explosion followed by implosion
The first chapter of my story of creation
Took place in a volcano’s seat
So my source is liquid
Melted, melting stone in motion
Dependent on the burning fire
Not to turn into concrete
I try to keep the air channels open
I fight to keep the wood supply sufficient
I dance to enjoy the abundance
Of lust and trembling heat


The sun breaks the horizon
In an overwhelming moment of light
The tiger stretches its’ body out
To wipe off the dull of the night
Prepared for whatever the day will bring
Of pleasures, of patience and fight

So soft a being
And still so tense
Aware and awake in every sense
No stress, no hurry, no worry, no strive
But ready to do
What it takes to survive


I carry a precious bird in a cage
And the bird is carrying me
Both safe and protected by the ribs
And capable of being free
The more at home it feels within
The further it’s able to fly away
´Cause happiness makes my little bird sing
Tunes that caress what they meet on their way
And for every soul that is able to listen
The air is humming with songs from the hearts
No need to feel lonely in the midst of creation
Inside your chest
Is where freedom starts


Hey, hey
Here I am
Here I stand

Drinking of the wholly grail
Singing without fear to fail
From my centre reaching out
Free to cry, to scream and shout
Express anger and sorrow without being violent
Or choose to remain receptive and silent

Let my lips run over with joysparkling laughter
By oration and song praise the world as it is
My hands give wings and support, and everything’s merging
As my love for life is shared in a kiss


The water’s surface
Clear as a mirror
Quiet and still. Then a drop breaks the spell
Rings in the water. A moment of movement
A tone as crisp as a silverbell
Mist dissolves, curtains are lifted
Clouds drift away and the moon appears
The air is so clean that I find myself listening
To transparent harp sounds and angels’ tears
The way pointed out by a star so bright
A crystal ball beam-glowing in the night
Images come, and images go
Points of views in eternity flow


The energy source that once said ‘be light’
Can never be grasped or defined
All I can do is try to be open
For the golden bliss of the divine

The universe, so vast and endless
Is loaded with power and light
Stars and planets, and the space between them
Float shimmering on through the night

Through a soft spot in a solid skull grace gave me
Access to this abundance of love
When connection is made and the tunnel is open
It floats steadily in from above

This was a present from a friend – what a nice present! 🙂

By thomas

I am free and loving spirit roaming the world. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Entrepreneur, Idea maker, Creative Business Developer, IT specialist, Poet, Father, Martial Artist, Taoist wanderer and explorer. ILM from University of Copenhagen. Truth, harmony and compassion is the way.

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