The Master of Demon Valley

The world has no constant values, events has no constant guide. When others act, I am still; When others talk I listen. If you know your nature, you’ll have few troubles; if you know your destiny, you won’t worry. Reference: Alchemists, Mediums, and Magicians: Stories of Taoist Mystics by Thomas Cleary ISBN: 9781590306598 p. 14

Yoga Bibliography

I compiled this list for Kristina from a recommended book list from her yoga school. Further recommendations are welcome.. Hatha Yoga: The Report of a Personnal Experience by Theos Bernard ISBN 0955241227 The Gheranda Samhita: A Treatise on Hatha Yoga Sris Chandra Vasu ISBN 1436690420 Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda ISBN 8180900363 Sacred Texts: The… Continue reading Yoga Bibliography

Cutting Up An Ox

Cook Ting was cutting an ox after a sacrifice to be used as food for Lord Wen of Hui. At every touch of the hand, every heave of the shoulder, every move of the feet, every bend of the knee, he slipped the knife along effortlessly and all was in perfect rhythm as though he… Continue reading Cutting Up An Ox


Tune the Body (Toro Shen) Tune the Breath (Tiao Xi) Tune the Mind (Tiao Xin). The easiest way to change your mind is to change your body.

No I

Despite dwelling in a material body of four elements, your nature is basically pure. It can’t be corrupted. Youre real body has no sensation, no hunger or thirst, no warmth or cold, no sickness, no love or attachment, no pleasure or pain, no good or bad, no shortness or length, no weakness or strength. Actually,… Continue reading No I

A good day

“A good day” Brother David Steindl-Rast by recommendation of a spiritual friend. Link:

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Walking Meditation on Langelinie

Happy 5 visiting the little mermaid Originally uploaded by docdyhr After hours of Qigong in the Studenthouse and a good dinner at Lai Ho in St. Kongensgade we simply had to make a mess out Langelinie and the Little Mermaid.