No need for more hot air in the cloud

Is Amazon’s new music cloud the real deal? This is what Amazon CEO and Founder, Jeff Bezos, is offering you:

“Dear Customers,

Managing a digital music collection can be a bit messy. You can buy music from your phone, but how do you transfer it to your home or work computer? Also, if you’re not regularly backing up your music collection, you can lose it with a disk drive crash.

Today, we’re introducing an important new service to give you a simple way to keep your music safe and have it with you, everywhere. It’s called Amazon Cloud Player. MP3 songs and albums you purchase from, even those you purchased in the past, will be available in Cloud Player, which means you’ll have a secure backup copy of the MP3s you buy at Amazon, free of charge. We’ve also made it easy to get the rest of the music that’s on your computer to Cloud Player, even music purchased from iTunes or uploaded from CDs. We’ll match the songs on your computer to’s catalogue of over 20 million songs. All songs we match are instantly made available in Cloud Player and upgraded to high-quality 256 kbps audio. Music we can’t match will be uploaded to Cloud Player, so your entire digital music collection will be available.”

Yes, managing a digital music collection can be a bit messy at times. So it might be sensible and practical with the security that amazon offers your precious music collection. Just remember its only a backup solution for the music you purchased at Amazon. For Amazon there  is no need for more hot air in the cloud. All Jeff Bezos is offering you is a link to a music file in the Amazon music archive.

Reference:  Amazon Cloud Player – super cool social music has existed for some time on the Internet as an Internet radio station with lots of cool radio stations for any imaginal taste, but now something super cool as happened to as trancended into something entirely new – a hassle free super cool social music player. scrubbles your favorite music from your iTunes or MP3 player (Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to and added to your music profile), learns about your music preferences from you, so you can share and receive preferences from others as you wish. off curse integrates with your iPod and iPhone. And integrates Firefox through the fire plugin. The design is simple, strict and slick in red, white and black – like the designers abc – exactly the way I like it. 

Check it out.. its super cool – and companies like Apple should learn from, integrate or even buy

Links: 1.1.3 Firefox plugin