Magnus on Mount Everst in Chess

I have followed the young Mozart of Chees, Magnus Carlsen, since he entered the world of chess 10 years ago. Magnus is now 22 and he is currently the world number in chess. In january 2013 the young Chess Grandmaster received  a staggering 2861 in rating. This is an all time rating record. Beating Garry Kasparov long time old record of 2851. There is more than 50 points between number one and two on the FIDE rating list! To put this perspective  there is only a handful of players who has been above 2800 in chess history. The the current world champion in Chess, Viswanathan Anand,  has mere 2772 as in rating as number 7 on the list.

In 2012  in Bilbao Masters Magnus Carlsen demolished Viswanathan Anand in the following game:

Magnus Carlsen further clear in February FIDE Ratings

Homepage of Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen
FIDE Rating list january 2013

Magnus Carlsen is going to play 5 of the top 10 players of the world in The 75th Tata Steel Chess Tournament: 11 – 27 January 2013 in Wijk aan Zee

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