Transformations of a Spiritual Dragon

A dragon, as spiritual luminosity, can be large or small, can rise or descend, can disappear or appear, can penetrate rocks and mountains, can leap in the clouds and travel with the rain. How can it do all this? Its done by the activity of the spirit.

What I realize as I observe this is the Tao of inconceivable spiritual transmutation. The reason humans can be humans is because of the spirit. As long as the spirit is there, they live. When the spirit leaves, they die.

The spirit penetrates heaven and earth, knows the past and present, enters into every subtlety, exist in every place. It enters water without drowning, enters fire without burning, penetrates metal and rock without a hindrance. It so large that it fills the universe, so small that it fits into a hairtip. It is imperceptible, ungraspable, inexplicable, indescribable.

One who can use the spirit skillfully changes in accordance with time, and therefore can share the qualities of heaven and earth, share the light of sun and moon, share the order of the four seasons, command nature in the primordial state, and serve nature in the temporal state. This is like the transformations of the spiritual dragon, which cannot be seen in the traces of form.

Awakening to the Tao
by Liu I-Ming translated by Thomas Cleary
ISBN: 159030344X

P. 23-24

By thomas

I am free and loving spirit roaming the world. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Entrepreneur, Idea maker, Creative Business Developer, IT specialist, Poet, Father, Martial Artist, Taoist wanderer and explorer. ILM from University of Copenhagen. Truth, harmony and compassion is the way.


  1. Indeed a good question.. can the formless dragon stick to the human form? Well, I believe so. You stick to your body. You inhabit your own body. The spirit is what animates the human form. I think of the dragon or tiger as the representation of the formless spirit. Yes a dragon can stick to a human form. 🙂

  2. I can’t find any trace of Liu saying that the dragon or spirit sticks to the human form. Actually he points into the opposit direction. Maybe there is not a dragon in a human but a human in a dragon.

  3. Wow these are some very powerful words, I’m going to print this and keep it some where I can see it everyday. Than you for putting this where my heart could find it.

  4. all i know is that the dragon spirit is very powerful, and can transform and mend the human spirit. my daughter sees the dragon spirit quite alot, and no harm has ever come to her. my son also used to see the dragon as well as light orbs. sorry couldnt be of anymore help. love and peace flayerspirit. p.s. have u tried communicating with it?

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