Eyebright makes your eyes sparkle with light!


Eyebright is a tiny herb that grows readily in backyards, fields, and pastures. It contains anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties. As the name suggests, eyebright is known for being particularly beneficial for eye related problems such as conjunctivitis, cataracts, blurry vision, weakened vision, and swollen, puffy eyes. Eyebright is also excellent for alleviating symptoms related to sinusitis, colds, seasonal allergies, and respiratory ailments. Eyebright can also enhance memory and improve overall cognitive performance. As a topical cream or poultice, eyebright can significantly improve acne and skin irritations. Eyebright is commonly found online or at your local health food store as a tea, capsule, tincture, cream, or salve. Eyebright is often combined with bilberry for enhanced benefits. If you find it in tea form, steep for at least five minutes in order to fully extract its healing properties.

Reference: Medical Medium

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Goya the miraculous Bitter Gourd

Somebody once recommended Gohyah or Goya Tea for my common cold. And miraculously it worked!

bittergourd-1I have been testing this Bitter Gourd, or Bitter Melon as it is often called, on myself and friends. The plant is known throughout Asia for its excellent qualities in cooking, health and sickness prevention (lung disorders, cancer and diabetes etc.). The chinese claim that the bitter curd is vital to health. The bitter taste is balancing the other tastes ( sour, pungent, sweet, salty ). Gohyah is included in famous recipes in TCM Food- or Dietotherapy.

Tea: Slice the Bitter Melmon ( or use try Bitter Gourd ) and purr with boiling hot water. Wait 5 min.

Soup: Slice the Bitter Gourd and boil with 150 gr. pork and you have a wonderful soup.

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