The Lost Axe

Once upon a time there was a craftsman who lost his Axe. He thought hard, and finally suspected his neighbor of stealing it. When he saw his neighbor walking, he thought that he walked like an Axe thief. When he meet his neighbor, the others countenance was just like that of an Axe thief, and… Continue reading The Lost Axe

Play Ball

Other play ball links: Kim Strother’s Swiss Ball Workout Any suggestions?

Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty

Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Is ‘Totally Badass’ Background: Texas executes Mexican murderer BBC 6. August 2008 Court seeks to stay US executions BBC 16. July 2008 Perspective: UN votes for death penalty freeze BBC 18. December 2007 Who stands where on the death penalty BBC 30. December 2006 Death Penalty Information Center

Shake that Bird!

I received this video from Olaf with this remark: “for me, this is evidence for musicality and ego (wait for the end!) in certain other species…” This parrot sings for itself. I would like to know of similar cases of animal musical disorder! And here is the original longer version with our new born star:

Learning is Not the Path

Nansen said: “Mind is not Buddha. Learning is not the path.” Mumon’s comment: Nansen was getting old and forgot to be ashamed. He spoke out with bad breath and exposed the scandal of his own home. However, there are a few who appreciate his kindness. When the sky is clear the sun appears, When the… Continue reading Learning is Not the Path

Doctor Strangelove Now or Never

Stanley Kubrick’s sensational and hilarious dark satire “Doctor Strangelove” from 1964 with Peter Sellers shaping three protagonists in a nuclear race of “hot war” against the Russians is still relevant with all the war maniacs around today in 2006; people (leaders of countries) who really think and thoroughly believe that they can solve the problems… Continue reading Doctor Strangelove Now or Never

Todays Quote

Nuclear powered vacuuum cleaners will probably be a reality within 10 years. — Alex Lewyt (President of the Lewyt Corporation, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners), quoted in The New York Times, June 10, 1955. This morning when I opened my terminal on my local computer a new tcsh shell popped up with this strange thought provoking… Continue reading Todays Quote