Alcoholic Poisoning

A few recipes from the straight forward, very practical and ingenious food branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to cure hangovers from drinking to much alcohol. a. 15 g tea infused in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink a large cupful. b. Put 15 g of withe sugar in 30 ml vinegar. Dilute with hot… Continue reading Alcoholic Poisoning

San Bao – The Three Gems

Cultivate the three gems for health, longevity and enlightenment. 1. 精 Jing – Essence 2. 気 Chi (Qi) – Energy (vital breath) 3. 神 Shen – Spirit Regulate body posture, breathing and mind. “Accumulate Shen to promote Chi Accumulate Chi to promote Jing Refine Jing until it becomes Chi Refine Chi into Shen Refine Shen to emptiness This is the… Continue reading San Bao – The Three Gems