Anuttara samyaksambodhi

This means “complete, unsurpassed, perfect enlightment.” Notice, though, that the sutra first says the bodhisattva has nothing to attain and that, because of having nothing to attain, he attains complete liberation. You can’t attain liberation the way you attain a 1968 Camaro or D-plus on a math test. You can only attain liberation by clearly… Continue reading Anuttara samyaksambodhi


Mindfulness¬†is awareness of one’s thoughts, actions or motivations. mindfulness Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Village¬† Reference: The shown clip is from the DVD accompanying the book: Walking Meditation (sep 2006) Thich Nhat Hanh, Anh-Huong Nguyen ISBN 1591794730 The Miracle of Mindfulness: A Manual on Meditation (dec 1999) Thich Nhat Hanh ISBN 9780807012390 The Blooming of… Continue reading Mindfulness

Give up learning and put an end to your troubles

Is there a difference between yes and no? Is there a difference between good and evil? Must I fear what others fear? What nonsense! Other people are contented, enjoying the sacrificial feast of the ox. In spring some go to the park, and climb the terrace, But I alone am drifting, not knowing where I… Continue reading Give up learning and put an end to your troubles