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The Lost Axe

Once upon a time there was a craftsman who lost his Axe. He thought hard, and finally suspected his neighbor of stealing it. When he saw his neighbor walking, he thought that he walked like an Axe thief. When he meet his neighbor, the others countenance was just like that of an Axe thief, and when he saw him in conversation with others, he even talked like an Axe thief.

Not long afterward, the craftsman found his Axe where he had mislaid it. Strangely enough, from that time on, his neighbor ceased to walk, look and talk like an Axe Thief.

Reference:A Taoist Miscellany p. 67


Yoga Bibliography

I compiled this list for Kristina from a recommended book list from her yoga school. Further recommendations are welcome..

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by Theos Bernard
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Sris Chandra Vasu
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The Serpent Power: Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga
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The Gheranda Samhita: A Treatise on Hatha Yoga
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Raja Yoga