Torture as the doctrine of war in Iraq

In reality its only the horrible nature of man that’s revealed in war. Is civilisation not always preceded or followed by barbaric chaos?

The English army in Iraq can apparently not escape the accusations of mistreatment and torture of the Iraqi people.

The many examples of torture in Iraq raises an important question: Will war, even if it involves civilised countries, always be followed by torture? Should there be an acceptance of torture as a immanent part of the evil of war?

Would we as human beings be ready accept such an answer to torture in Iraq or anywhere else?

Inquiry into Iraqi prisoner abuse BBC 25. februar 2005

Follow up:
U.S.: Abu Ghraib Only the Tip of the Iceberg”? Human Rights Watch 27. april 2005

Just War in Iraq 2003

In November 2003 I received the Master of Law degree from University of Copenhagen. My final dissertation “Just War in Iraq 2003” was in International Law .

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