Stick and Adhere

Chan Lien Tieh Sui Pu Tiu pu Ting This refers to the sticking aspect or adherence in Tai Chi Chuan. Chan and lien are vertical adhering movements, lifting from above and supporting from below, respectively. Tieh is adherence in the horizontal motion, sui is adherence from the rear. Pu tiu pu ting means neither to… Continue reading Stick and Adhere

Jeijin and Fajin – Receive and release the energy

Qi should be filled and stimulated (Gu Dang), Shen spirit should be retained internally. Gu Dang means a drum there is full and resounding (due to vibration). Peng The entire body is filled with springlike energy. Songs of the eight postures by T’an Meng-hsien (as researched by Lee N. Scheele) The Four Characters: Support, Lead, Relax, and… Continue reading Jeijin and Fajin – Receive and release the energy

Sung (relax) every hair is fully alert

‘In the fully energized state, “every hair is fully alert.” The state of relaxed arousal is what is meant by the chinese term “sung.” This is not the drowsy torpor before sleep. It is the release of tension that saps our strength – so that we become alert, clearheaded and full of vigor. Your head… Continue reading Sung (relax) every hair is fully alert

San Bao – The Three Gems

Cultivate the three gems for health, longevity and enlightenment. 1. 精 Jing – Essence 2. 気 Chi (Qi) – Energy (vital breath) 3. 神 Shen – Spirit Regulate body posture, breathing and mind. “Accumulate Shen to promote Chi Accumulate Chi to promote Jing Refine Jing until it becomes Chi Refine Chi into Shen Refine Shen to emptiness This is the… Continue reading San Bao – The Three Gems

Commandment of my Spirit

In the search for meaning in my life I reached the barrier of reason. I felt the urge to go beyond the doors of the comprehensible.  Looking for God. I walk on the path of enlightenment in search of the ultimate truth. Transcending all.  Returning to the void.