I answer that cannot answer

You are also asking me questions, and I hear you;

I answer that cannot answer… you must find out for yourself.

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass 1855

Computer Politics

Fight for Freedom on the Internet 2015

For the People it is all about freedom. For the people in power it is all about control.

Campaign #Fight4Internet2015 #ContraSurveillanceState #FreeInternet with #Tor and #OTR

United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

Article 12.
• No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 19.
• Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Freedom online is not something you can take for granted – it is something you have to fight for in 2015!

The current state of PRIVACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS on the Internet.

You can reclaim your privacy, anonymity, and freedom of speech online with apps like:

TorBrowser – browse anonymously everywhere on the web
pidgin – chat anonymously
Adium – chat anonymously (Mac)
Anomos – download torrents anonymously

Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications
The Guardian view on the freedom of the internet: it’s under attack around the world The Guardian, Thursday 11 December 2014
Hubertus Knabe: The dark secrets of a surveillance state ( about Stasi in DDR )
Inside the NSA’s War on Internet Security Der Spiegel

Reconstructing narratives – transparency in the service of justice 30. December 2014 by Jacob Appelbaum & Luara Poitras  Chaos Computer Club


Martial Arts

Chuek Fung’s Yi Chuan

Reference: CFKungFu Youtube

Martial Arts Neigong Qigong Taiji

Yun Yin Sen of Shanghai

Yun Yin Sen performing Liu He Ba Fa Primordial Essence “Qigong”

Thomas og Yun Yin Sen

In 2009 I was traveling in Asia and I had the opportunity to visit Shanghai. Before coming to Shanghai I had found an interesting video on Youtube with Yun Yin Sen. I want to meet this guy I thought. I guess fortune was smiling because I was able to find Yin Yun Sen in the park near the central square the next morning. I felt an instant mutual connection with Yun Yin Sen. We spent the entire morning and the next together. Yin Yun Sen taught me his Water Boxing, Push hands and Qigong and a lot of insights willingly – thank you!

Martial Arts Neigong Qigong Taiji

Feng Zhi Qiang Taiji Neigong

Xinyi Hunyuan Taiji Internal Training performed by Feng Zhi Qiang

Culture General

The Wolf Grischuk leading the pack in Petrosian Memorial 2014

In this amazing fighting chess game in the third round of Petrosian Memorial GM Grischuk demolishes GM Morozevich. Alexander Grischuk, who is famed for his attacking chess, found a sharp variant of the Slav QGD for the game vs Morezevich. Both parties are walking on thin ice right out of the opening. Morezevich should have taken with the rook instead of the bishop in move 19. to equalize. On move 24. Morezevich was obliged to play Qf6 but he apparently fell through the thin ice with the wrong steep e5?! Grischuk missed a great opportunity to punish this weak move immediately when and he played 25.Bd2!? Morezevich would have drowned much faster with 25.Qh4! The last chance for Morozevich to hold on to an ice floe was 25..Rf8 but he missed it with 25..Rf6?! Then only ice cold water… 🙂


Riding the wind Floating with Clouds

Lieh-tzu had the immortal Old Shang for a teacher and the sage Pai-kao-tzu as a friend. After he had finished his training, he came home riding on the wind and floating on the clouds.

A man named Yin-sheng heard about Lieh-tzu’s feat and wanted to learn this skill of riding on the wind. So he went to Lieh-tzu and asked to be his student. So intent was Yin-sheng on learning this skill that he stayed at Lieh-tzu’s home and kept pestering the teacher with questions. This went on for several months, but Lieh-tzu only ignored him.

Yin-sheng began to get impatient and then angry that Lieh‐tzu was not teaching him. One day, he left in a huff.

When Yin-sheng got home, he calmed down and realized he had been stupid and impulsive, so he went toLieh-tzu and asked to be his student again. Lieh-tzu simply said, Now why did you come and then leave and then return?”

Yin-sheng said, “When I first came to ask you to teach me, you ignored me. So I got annoyed and left. Then I realized I was too impatient and reckless, so I came back to ask you to accept me as a student again.”

Lieh-tzu said, “I had thought you were intelligent, but now I can see you are quite stupid. Listen to what I went through when I learned from my teachers.”

Lieh-tzu said:

“When I asked Old Shang to be my master and Pai-kao‐ tau to be my friend, I decided to work hard to discipline my body and mind. After three years, I was afraid to have notions of right and wrong and I did not dare to speak words that might offend or please. It was only then that my master glanced at me and acknowledged my presence. Five years later, I thought freely of right and wrong, and spoke freely of approval or disapproval. My master gave me a smile. Seven years later, my thoughts came naturally without any conceptions of right and wrong, and words came naturally without any intention of pleasing or offending. For the first time, my master invited me to sit by his side. Nine years later, no matter what came to my mind or what came out of my mouth, there was nothing that was right or wrong, pleasing or offending. I did not even entertain the idea that Old Shang was my master and Pai-kao‐tzu was my friend.

“It was then I became aware that there was no barrier between what was inside and what was outside. My body was illuminated by a bright light. I heard with my eyes and saw with my ears. I used my nose as mouth and my mouth as nose. I experienced the world with the totality of my senses as my spirit gathered and my form dissolved. There was no distinction between muscles and bones. My body stopped being heavy and I felt like a floating leaf. Without knowing it, I was being carried by the wind. Drifting here and there, I did not know whether I rode on the wind or the wind rode on me.”

He then looked at Yin-sheng and said, “You had only been here for less than an hour and you got dissatisfied that you were not taught. Look at your condition. The parts of your body do not cooperate; the vapors of the sky and earth do not enter your body; your joints and bones are so heavy that you can’t even move. And you want to learn how to ride on the wind?”

When Yin-sheng heard these words he was ashamed and did not ask again about riding on the wind.

Teachings of the Tao: Readings from the Taoist Spiritual Tradition by Eva Wong p. 46-48


Sam Tam’s basic yielding in Taiji

Sam Tam’s yielding is exceptionally smooth and precise!

The circle and the square
Always abide by your center to maintain central equilibrium! Do not not run away and do not resist! Catch your parters central equilibrium and his whole form is helplessly clued to your circle – and you can do as you wish! The secret is the understanding of the Taiji symbol. Yin adheres to yang – and does not separate from it! Yang sticks to yin – and yang does not separate from it!  When yin and yang do not move they unite and return to wuji – the infinite potential of emptiness.

Sam Tam
Sam Tam Taji



The world is really great!

The world is really great!

There is room for

the Sun, the Moon and the Stars,

the Earth, its Mountains and Rivers, every Plant and Tree

bad People and good People.

All of this exists in space.

The emptiness of our nature is also like this.


Inspired by Hui-Neng



Neigong Qigong Spiritual Taiji

The 10 Tenets of Qigong

  1. Tranquility
  2. Experiencing
  3. Nothingness
  4. Emptiness
  5. Rootedness
  6. Openness
  7. Oneness
  8. Compassion
  9. Harmony
  10. The Way
The Essence of Qigong By Ke Yun Lun
p. 53 – 63

Eyebright makes your eyes sparkle with light!


Eyebright is a tiny herb that grows readily in backyards, fields, and pastures. It contains anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties. As the name suggests, eyebright is known for being particularly beneficial for eye related problems such as conjunctivitis, cataracts, blurry vision, weakened vision, and swollen, puffy eyes. Eyebright is also excellent for alleviating symptoms related to sinusitis, colds, seasonal allergies, and respiratory ailments. Eyebright can also enhance memory and improve overall cognitive performance. As a topical cream or poultice, eyebright can significantly improve acne and skin irritations. Eyebright is commonly found online or at your local health food store as a tea, capsule, tincture, cream, or salve. Eyebright is often combined with bilberry for enhanced benefits. If you find it in tea form, steep for at least five minutes in order to fully extract its healing properties.

Reference: Medical Medium

Links: Eyebright


Sam Tam is coming to Copenhagen

Seminar with Grand Master Sam Tam in Copenhagen from the 16th. to the 18th. of May 2014

Torben Bremann and Ole Eskildsen visits Sam Tam in his home in Canada in 2006.

There is a wonderful and rare oppurtunity to meet a real Tai Chi (taiji) and Ichuan (Dachengquan or Yiquan) master that makes the promises and wonders of the Chinese martial arts Classics come true.

Sam_TamMaster Sam Tam is a “dashi” (大師), meaning “big teacher” or the teacher of teachers. As a mater of fact quite a few famous martial arts teachers from different schools all over the world has visited Master Sam Tam to learn or check his skill. As far as I know nobody left disappointed. According to the author Jan Diepersloot Master Sam Tam represents the pinnacle of Tai Chi achievement: “Sam Tam’s achievement, developed logically from his practice of standing meditation, represents the highest phase of martial arts mastery.”

Come and take a look for yourself! Everybody with a genuine interest the arts are welcome.

Master Sam Tam is not hiding behind words. And as far as I know you’re more than welcome to check his ability – at your own risk!

Seminar with Sam Tam in Copenhagen 2014

Gladsaxe Sportshal
Vandtårnsvej 55 – 57
2860 Søborg

Friday the 16th. of May to Sunday the 18th. of May 2014

Friday: 18 – 21
Standing meditation og sitting meditation

Saturday: 9.30. – 12.30.
Qi gong -5 animal qigong

Saturday: 14 – 17
Sam Tam’s Sword Form

Sunday: 9.30. – 12.30.
Form, push hands and Applications

Sunday: 14.00. – 17.00.

The total workshop cost is € 290 for the full weekend. The workshop is divided into blocks. One block € 95. For more than one block € 85 pr. block.

Payment Info / Bank
Danske Bank 4820
Kontonummer: 3332019171
IBAN: DK8530003332019171

Contact info etc.
Torben Bremann
Phone/Mobile: +45 44 91 97 98 / +45 40 20 77 75

Original english invitation (pdf) Danish Invitation

Reference: The Tao of Yiquan: The Method of Awareness in the Martial Arts (Warriors of Stillness: Meditative Traditions in the Chinese Martial Arts, Volume 2): The Method of Awareness in the Martial Arts v. 2 by Jan Diepersloot 1999

Masters of Perception – Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts by Jan Diepersloot 2014

Note: The last chapter in “The Tao of Yiquan” is devoted to Sam Tam. The new book “Masters of Perception” is entirely about the teachings of Master Sam Tam.

Poetry Qigong Spiritual Taiji

Reaching the bright end

as effortless as light
and as certain as time’s passing

we walk forward to a stillness
we can never know

with the clouds yawning in the distance
and the sky, forever quiet

we drift, less certain than foam
reaching the bright end

of the sea

The Voice of the Sea: Poems of the Tao by Yu Jinghai

Neigong Poetry Qigong Spiritual Taiji

The Jade Tablet

The Jade Pendant InscriptionTo guide the Qi, allow it to enter deeply and collect it. As it collects, it will expand. Once expanded, it will sink down. When it sinks down, it comes to rest. After it has come to rest, it becomes stable.

When the Qi is stable, it begins to sprout. From sprouting, it begins to grow. As it grows, it can be pulled back upwards. When it is pulled back upwards, it reaches the crown of the head.

It then touches above the crown of the head and below at the base of the spine. Who practices like this will attain long life. Who goes against this will die.

Reference: Sitting in Oblivion – The Heart of Daoist Meditation by Livia Kohn 2010 Se also The Jade Tablet

Neigong Poetry Spiritual

In the midst of Chaos I find Peace

In the midst of chaos,
I find peace.

Not clinging to any thing,
not obsessed by any thought.

I seatle on a leaf,
in mid air.

Being calm for no reason whatsoever
– happiness pervades all.

I smile,
leaving my self behind.