We should not despair

Dear friend,
Thank you for sending me this heart felt email. You convey your emotions so beautiful and strong. I think and feel like this. I try to welcome and accept al my emotions – maybe you could do this too? I know its hard. I for sure do not want to be taking capture by the emotions of despair, anger and hate. When times are hard and I fall into the trap of emotional struggle or break up, I try to treasure the loving moments we have spend together. I try to forgive my self for my errors and mixed emotions and I try to forgive her with the sincerity of my heart. I know in my heart that I cannot change the past, so I try to accept the past and let it go. Its like I cannot hold on to any single breath of mine. The loving moments of my childhood belongs to the past. It is a time I cannot regain. I try to be thankful for what I have. I try to fill my heart with love. I try to be thankful for every moment I have in this life. I try to let go.. Everything changes ceaselessly just like the weather. And you know what? The weather is just the way it should be – and so are you!
(Written today to a friend in comfort after a break up)

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