Liberate your mind

Liberating your mind.
You set your seul free.

Let your spirit realm free,
join nature without effort.

Wuwei of the small mind.

How do you do it?

Broaden and extend your vision.
Let your deep mind rest in Shen.

This is when the Master has returned to your house.

My Heart is calm. Fear and grasping voluntarily left Xin.

My  intent rests in my Center. Yi commands central equilibrium.

Dantien is full and steady.

Always calm and ready to act according to circumstance. It remains calm.

Is that not the state of the Universe?

One calmness dictates all movement.

If the focus is on the Qi, it will stagnate.

Get the foundation. And you will find the initiative naturally in order to do what needs to be done.

“Let go” of your self.

Not having the servant as the master of the house is perfection.

Shen fills out the whole space, my awareness is everywhere.

Somehow everything is just perfect. When I allow it to be imperfect.

It will always remain so.

If I do not strive, I arrive.

Everything arrives. Nothing is undone.

This is the message for those who understand.

Without trying you succeed.

In realty, it’s nothing really.

And of surely it’s everything also.

Hold on to the paradoks, and you will inevitably stumble into it.

Joy and happiness are everywhere to be found.

Yin and yang in harmony returns.

The great mystery of the female Mother prevail.

16th International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover

International Push Hands Meeting

This was my first time at the yearly International Push Hands Meeting for Taiji Quan practitioners in Hannover, Germany, running from Wednesday the 6th. through Sunday the 10th. of April 2016. Workshops in the mornings and free push hands in the afternoon. There was a wonderful vibe all week – and it only grew in the weekend! The love of Taiji. I had a great time, meeting many push hands practitioners, and making new friends.  I even learned a couple of new words in German during a nightly bar raid with some new Taiji friends. I look forward to get the chance to go next year.

The event is well organized. You can really tell its the 16th. push hands event in Hannover. The organizer, Nils Klug, runs a tight ship. If you fall out of line Nils will certainly let you know. I had a Hotel problem when I arrivedHotelLindenkrugHannover Wednesday morning. Nils readily sorted this out
in a few minutes time. He even booked a room for me in his name. Hotel Lindenkrug was just a few stops with the tram. What he did not tell me, was that the Hotel was next to the tram station. It did not matter much thou, because I was so tired in the evenings from all the excitement during the day.

I choose to participate in Adam Mizner’s workshop in the weekend. Adam had the most attendees and therefore he was given the main hall all three days. I was not disappointed with my choice. I quite like Adam’s straight forward teachings with emphasis on Song Gong. Adam told us that it’s almost the only thing he does nowadays.

It was truly wonderful to be able to touch so many different bodies and souls during the push hands event in Hannover.HannoverPushhandsPark

From nothing to something and back

I let go and enter the domain of no one.

Heaven and Earth are one.
The circle and square are equals.

They separate as necessary without effort.
First boundless stillness, then endless movement.

It makes no sense to talk about form or formlessness.
Substance or no substance – what’s the difference?

Body, energy and mind – what are they?
I am just a conduit of the forces of Nature.

My mind drives and fills out Form.
Empty but full, it pervades the Universe.

I stand in the Center.
Watching the Master and the servant at work.

When we offer no resistance,
we meet no resistance.

Miracles and Mystery.
The mundane stuff is welcomed like a friend.

I have no mind of my own.
Eventually this will fall away too.

Perfection in imperfection.
Imperfection in perfection.

It seems as if I am there, but I am not.
I am not, but am I right here.

Others cannot fathom it.
I cannot fathom it either.

Naturally – it’s ok.

(Poem about the liberation of mind, heart and intention “Shen, Xin and Yi” in spiritual work like: Standing Meditation, Qigong, Neigong, Neijia and Taiji )